I’m a composer, sound artist and field recordist with a great interest in exploring environments and different kinds of structures through a sound-perspective. My compositions often focus on sound field recording and also developing a kind of eco acoustic perspective within the music. But as you can see below, I have a background in more instrumental contemporary art music and still engage in that kind of composition.

One of the reasons why I’m so into field recording is that it can help you get in contact with and learn about new environments, subjects, cultures, structures and living things within them through sound. That it can have both artistic and scientific approaches to the recording, the material and the composition process. This can of course be applied to all kinds of composition techniques and processes, but this is one that I’ve found interesting and effective.

Except from sharing my portfolio and current projects I’ll also write some of my thoughts about field recording, composing, sound art and sound in general. About the effects of listening, and not listening. I’ll also make lists with suggestions for books, music, links and videos related to the matters mentioned above.



Bachelor in Western Contemporary Art Music
The Department of Arts, Communication and Learning in Piteå, Sweden

Bachelor in Electroacoustic Composition
The Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden

Erasmus exchange at de Montfort Universitys department for Music, Technology and Performance
Fall of 2014

Master in Electroacoustic Composition
The Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden



Workshop with the Dirty Electronics at de Montfort University in Leicester, England (2014)

Electronic music festival at the Conservatorio di Musica in Bologna, Italy (2015)

Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM) in Helsinki, Finland (2015)

Lyssna, en konferens om ljud in Lund, Sweden (2015

NORDPLUSMIX: workshop in exploration of ways and strategies of sound spatialization with Ambisonics in Vilnius, Lithuania (2016)

Introduction to Wildlife Sound Recording with Chris Watson and Jez Riley French (2016)



What’s inside/Don’t let it out – piece written for the contemporary art music ensemble Norrbotten NEO (2011).

Treva – piece written for the contemporary art music ensemble Norrbotten NEO, with preparations for the instruments and electronics (2012).

Tillbaka – soundwalk for Stockholm Culture Festival and the celebration of the author August Strindberg. Takes place in Kungsträdgården, one of the places where he spent a lot of time as young and vivid, but now he has returned as an old and contemplating man (2012).

– piece for choir and electronics, commissioned and conducted by Erik Westberg, performed by Piteå Chamber Choir at the annual convention for Swedish choir leaders (2012).

Strukturer – piece for piano and ebow, performed by Mats Persson and Kristine Schultz and premiered during the festival LjudOljud at Kulturhuset in Stockholm (2013).

Daughters & Sons – multichannel piece with strong influences from the political climate and discussions surrounding feminism, premierad at Audiorama during the festival LjudOljud (2013).

Remembrance – stereo piece in three parts based on one memory moving in different emotional faces. I wanted to use one sentence consisting of two meanings – ”You’re my memory – and I’m yours”. Only performed in Swedish radio and not live (2013).

Memory Loss – piece for 5.1, based on how the feeling of being stuck, lost and confused acts in a dreamlike narrative, consisting of sound field recordings and parts of familiar instrumental structures (2013).

As long as I stayed occupied – piece for eight channels. Based on auditory memories from a true and traumatic event. Recreated sounds of the event and the environment in which it occurred with sound field recordings and parts of familiar instrumental structures in order to increase the emotional reactions that I wanted the listeners to have. Premiered at Audiorama during the festival LjudOljud (2014).

Exhalation – piece written for the contemporary art music ensemble Norrbotten NEO (2014).

Coalesce pt 1 – piece for and consisting of the Sniffer instrument, a radio, field recordings from Hornsgatan in Stockholm, cello and sine synth (2014).

Coalesce pt 2 – piece for 16 channels, five musicians from the Dirty Electronics ensemble and light installation. The material for speakers were based on sound field recordings from Leicester, England, and sounds recorded from a homemade instrument, Sniffer, that captures magnetic sound fields from devices such as computers, hard drives, mobile phones, etc. This instrument in combination with device of their own choice was what the musicians performed with. The whole piece is based on the idea of environments and living beings, both natural and not natural, floating together and starting to coalesce (2014).

Coalesce pt 3 – Piece based on sound field-recordings made in Sri Lanka 2015. Sounds from the rainforest, ocean and in between. Performed at Audiorama (2015).

The Everyday Urban Soundscape –  A project with field recordings based on mappings of audio sources taken from photographs of different locations in an area in Stockholm called Slussen. Here I try to explore and describe the development of the sound environment through the past century. (Current project, 2015-)

Med ett lätt förakt (With a slight contempt) – A project based on field recordings and interviews with people living on an island in the Swedish archipelago. Here I try to narrate the island through a broad perspective with recordings from the underwater environments surrounding the island to the more land based ones within it. The idea behind the project is based on the fact that you can only perceive your (sound)environment within the distance that you’re able to hear it, but what if you could hear the whole island? It’s a sound art project that has an documentary approach where the interviews with the islanders are involved with narrative. Performed at Audiorama (2016).



Foil – electroacoustic duo with Vanessa Martinez aka Jana Sleep, started during my time at the Department of Arts, Communication and Learning in Piteå.

NELES – electronic collective, founded in Piteå, Luleå and Stockholm consisting of the members Johan Ericsson Degerlund (Monolog X), Vanessa Martinez (Foil, Jana Sleep), Jakob Moe (MINVS) and Mattias Östlund (Trackermatte).

ANTI – collaboration with Folkoperan in Stockholm between the director and actress Ellen Nyman, a group of feminist activists from Kairo, a baroque ensemble and a group of electroacoustic composers consisting of me, Ellen Arkbro and Marta Forsberg. My task was to create and perform a soundscape live in the attempt to recreate the environment and sounds of what was happening in Egypt during the revolution with focus on the women’s perspective.

KROCK – collaboration between the guitar ensemble KROCK, photojournalist and visual artist Hampus Andersson and me. A project with focus on reflections of the society and political climate through the perspectives of environment and equality. Funded by Kulturrådet.

Monolog X – collaboration with the NELES-member Johan Ericsson Degerlund, consisting of a studio recording where I stood for the vocal part, singing his notated work.



Board secretary for the network Konstmusiksystrar, a network for young composers up to the age of thirty who defines themselves as a women and works as art musical composer and/or sound artists.

Board member of Sound of Stockholm

Board member of UNM (Ung Nordisk Musik, Sverige)